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The aftereffects of a storm can often be damage to the roof of a home or business. Sometimes the damage goes beyond a simple repair, but doesn’t necessitate an entirely new roof. That’s when an experienced Wilson roof restoration contractor can do some needed work that will help set up the roof up for a longer-lasting future. 

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What Is Roof Restoration?

The best way to understand roof restoration is to compare it to the two alternatives of repair and replacement. Repair is for simple damages, such as missing shingles or a small leak. Restoration is different. It’s a thorough cleaning and recoating of the roof. 

Think of it this way—repair is like taking a Dayquil when you have the flu. It will give you a boost and get you through the day, but the underlying problem of the flu has not been addressed. Extending this analogy would make restoration the equivalent of a reliable antiviral that really gets at the source of the problem. In the world of roofing, a good restoration can extend the life of the roof by 10 years or more. 

The impact of storms can trigger the need for restoration. The impact of a really heavy rain, one where the gutters can’t effectively disperse the water, can result in moisture getting inside shingles. If the winds are gusting through, that can leave twigs and other elements of nature in hard-to-find places. That can wear on the roof over time. 

Or maybe a property owner had a fire. It was caught in time that the roof doesn’t need repair, but the smoke and soot can still settle in and start doing some long-term damage to the roof. Restoration can be a means of dealing with that. 

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Benefits of Roof Restoration 

The benefits start with the extended life that often comes from the cleaning and coating that a Wilson roof restoration contractor from our office will perform. A property owner not only delays the inevitable roof replacement through restoration, but they protect themselves with their insurance company. 

The reason is this—insurers will only cover roof replacements if the damage came entirely from the storm that prompted the policy claim. A roof that does not undergo restoration is more likely to fail through the cumulative effect of multiple storms. Which is to say, the claim could be denied. But if a property owner proactively seeks restoration, it’s more likely that the storm that ultimately triggers the need for replacement will be the sole cause—and thereby covered under insurance.

Restoration can also improve safety inside the home or business and protect the long-term health of those who live or work there. As roofs start to fade, they are less able to resist the elements. Moisture-filled air can be damaging to someone's health. A good, restored roof can also be more energy-efficient, meaning cost savings can be realized in the heating or air conditioning bills. 

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North Carolina’s Standard of Excellence

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