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Wilson Roofing Insurance Claims

Roof replacement is a significant expense, whether it’s for a home or for a commercial building. Whether replacement goes forward may well depend on whether insurance will pick up the tab. Getting reliable help with Wilson roofing insurance claims might end up the difference between approval or denial of the claim. 

Garliss Roofing prides itself on good customer service and the attention to detail that dealing with insurance claims requires. 

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Reasons Roofing Insurance Claims May Be Denied

When an insurance claim is unable to be approved, the reasons often come down the following…

Previously Existing Damage

Just like pre-existing conditions are the reasons for a denial of a health insurance claim, the same principle can apply in roofing. In the eyes of the property owner, a storm that caused substantial damage to the roof is the reason for the replacement, and therefore should be covered by insurance. 

But the insurance policy might require that all damage incurred come from the most recent storm. In the second place, it’s possible that the real damage came from conditions that pre-dated issuance of the policy. 

An insurance carrier must also determine if repair of the existing structure is sufficient. If that decision is made, then coverage will only be issued for that expense, rather than for replacement work. One of the advantages of working with a company like Garliss Roofing, with our deep roots in the community, is that we not only deal with these situations every day, but we work with the people inside the insurance companies on a daily basis. That experience has allowed us to formulate relationships and trust, and while we can never promise the outcome of any specific claim, we can say that a good working relationship with insurance companies has been valuable for us and our clients over the years. 

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North Carolina's Standard of Excellence

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    We aim for continuous improvement of the quality and value of the products and services we offer. Our commitment and expertise have given us the opportunity to experience ongoing growth.
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    Our team of professional roofers follows strict adherence to manufacturers’ installation guidelines, thus allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty on materials and installation.

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    As an experienced roofing company, we know that a quality roofing job starts with the right materials. That’s why we use top-grade materials from manufacturers with a proven track record for excellence.

Other Reasons for Denial

Insurance adjusters can further deny claims or reduce coverage based on a manufacturer’s defect. If the fault is in the design of the roof itself, it’s the manufacturer who must make it right. If a warranty is still in place, that just means a shift in who pays from the insurance company to the manufacturer. It’s a lot of paperwork and phone calls either way, and Garliss Roofing is here to take that load off of a property owner’s shoulders. 

Claims must also be filed in a timely manner. Most insurance policies have a statute of limitations, so the sooner a property owner reaches out to us after damage is incurred, the better off the situation can be. 

Call us today at (252) 297-6434 or contact us online for help with your roofing insurance claim.

  • More than happy with Jody and the Garliss Roofing crew


    More than happy with Jody and the Garliss Roofing crew. They went out of their way to make the process as smooth as possible. Would recommend them for roof repair or replacement.


    - G.B.
  • Great to work with and super knowledgeable


    Great to work with and super knowledgeable about the inspection/insurance process.


    - Gene M.
  • I would definitely recommend Garliss Roofing!


    We are very satisfied with the work. The roof looks great. The crew did a good job cleaning up and Jody came by to ensure that everything was completed satisfactorily. Jody and Lisa were very helpful and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Garliss Roofing!


    - J.C.
  • Jody and Lisa were very responsive and knowledgeable


    Jody and Lisa were very responsive and knowledgeable. They helped walk me through the whole process. Their team was quick (one-day job) and they cleaned up the site after their work so it looked like they were never there. Highly recommend.


    - Nick F.
  • Thank you Garliss Roofing for your honesty and your advice!


    I highly recommend this company. After contacting Garliss Roofing, they immediately contacted me back and scheduled a time for someone to come out and look at my roof. Well, what I thought was a problem ended up not being a problem at all. Thanks to Jody for being honest with me about what I thought was a chunk of my roof missing, it was not. Jody Garliss patiently explained to me about my roof and how it works. And also what I thought were cracks ended up being just dirt lines. He actually took the time, got a ladder, and checked the spots out to make sure they weren't cracks. It was just dirt. In today's world where companies and people are so dishonest and quick to take your money, it's great to find an honest company that doesn’t do that. And he gave me advice on who I can get to clean my gutters which I need also. Thank you Garliss Roofing for your honesty and your advice!


    - Valerie E.

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