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The roofs for townhouse, condominium, and apartment complexes are a unique facet of the roofing industry. It’s more involved than just taking the process of doing a single roof and multiplying that outward. The owners of these complexes need to keep current tenants happy and attract new ones, and reliable roofing can play a role in that. 

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Common Issues with Multi-Family Room Replacement

The adjoining nature of multi-family homes are what make installation unique. The work being done on one home will, by definition, have a ripple effect on the walls and roof of the home attached to it. A contractor needs to work in a way that creates minimal disturbance for all involved. 

A contractor must also be aware of the need for consistency in roofing across the multi-family structure. The importance of good presentation for curbside appeal requires it. 

Communication is essential in any business or contracting work, but that importance is heightened when dealing with multi-family homes. A contractor has to find the best time to work and must coordinate with everyone involved, from the property owner to the affected tenants. 

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People who own rental properties understand investment and the adage “don’t throw good money after bad” is one that shrewd investors live by. When it comes to roofing, that can mean that when the expenses of constantly needing to repair a roof become too much, it might be time to just go for new installation. 

Keep in mind that the costs of a questionable roof aren’t just those involved with direct repair. There’s also the residual damage that it can cause to the interior of a multi-family home. The landlord that finds themselves needing to repair water-damaged walls, ceilings, or anything else in the interior, may find that replacement is a more economically efficient option. 

Curb appeal is the cornerstone of attracting new buyers and the quality of roofing can play a subtle, but very important role, in how prospects view a multi-family complex. As roofing fades, it becomes less attractive. Even if prospects don’t specifically cite the aging roof as a turnoff, the overall presentation driven by the roof can still be the underlying reason. Moreover, a sharp, new roof can have the reverse effect—of seeing prospects attracted to the presentation, even if they aren’t completely sure why. The roof is a part of that presentation .

Potential investors and buyers are going to be interested in the quality of the roof and for reasons much for specific than the general look and feel of the building. A person prepared to put their own money into a multi-family complex want to know they won’t be paying out large sums in repair, or be on the hook for a replacement roof of their own in the immediate future. 

Finally, all roofs simply have their own lifespan. If any issues arise with a roof of a certain age, then that’s a sign that replacement should be considered. That “certain age” will be different depending on the type of roof involved and our experienced Wilson multi-family roof contractors can advise on your specific situation. 

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