Wilson Commercial Roofing Contractors 

Bad roofing at a place of business can mean everything from lower productivity to lower property values to higher risk. Our reliable Wilson commercial roofing contractors work with clients to make the right decisions regarding replacement, and advise them on the type of roof best suited for their needs moving forward. 

Garliss Roofing is built on the principle of excellent, communicative customer service, and high-quality materials. The reviews from our customers speak for themselves. Call today at (252) 297-6434or contact us online to arrange for a free estimate.

Types of Commercial Roofs Available

Options for replacement roof materials include:

  • Metal: It’s the longest-lasting, with durability often anticipated to be anywhere from 40-60 years. But it’s also more vulnerable to erosion. 
  • Green: Another very durable product, green roofing can last up to 50 years. Just be prepared for comparatively more time spent on maintenance. 
  • Shingle: A common option chosen because of price point, shingles also tend to last for a shorter duration than other alternatives. 

Other options include everything from the environmentally friendly Spray-On Roofing, to TPO, to EPDM, to PVC. Our experienced Wilson commercial roofing contractors take time to make sure our customers understand all that’s behind those acronyms and what that means for their business. 

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North Carolina’s Standard of Excellence

Garliss Roofing steps into a tradition of family excellence that goes back four generations. Our customers deserve high-quality materials, excellent service, good counsel, and efficient work. That’s what we aim to give them every day. 

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Our Standard of Excellence

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    We aim for continuous improvement of the quality and value of the products and services we offer. Our commitment and expertise have given us the opportunity to experience ongoing growth.
  • Superior Workmanship

    Our team of professional roofers follows strict adherence to manufacturers’ installation guidelines, thus allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty on materials and installation.

  • Quality Materials

    As an experienced roofing company, we know that a quality roofing job starts with the right materials. That’s why we use top-grade materials from manufacturers with a proven track record for excellence.


There are certain telltale signs that indicate an investment in replacement will be more economically efficient than constant repairs. Here are a few prominent examples of those warning signs…

The Roof Is Sagging

No one is going to be feel comfortable working in an environment where the roof is starting to sag in. The fact it’s become noticeable is a good sign the current roof is on its last legs, so to speak, and ready to be replaced. 

Problems With Roof Materials

Even if the roof isn’t into an all-out sag, there can still be a noticeable diminishment of the materials. Another issue to keep an eye out for is whether there seems to be more loose material on the roof. A loosening roof is less likely to hold up well under a heavy rainfall. 

The Roof Is Bubbling

When a roof is damaged and loose, air and moisture starts to get underneath. This results in bubbles forming in a way visible to someone inspecting the roof. The bubble can be indicative of a deeper problem, or it can be the problem itself. Either way, it’s a problem. 

Water Damage

Just like interior water damage is the sign of a problem with residential roofing, so too is it an indicator that a commercial roof is on the way out. If a business owner sees anything from water stains to actual puddles, it’s a good time to call their Wilson commercial roofing contractor.

Diminished Gutter Activity

When a heavy rain comes, we’re accustomed to seeing water come flowing out of the gutters. When we don’t see that happening, it might be because the roof’s absorption of water is having a clogging effect. When the roof absorbs that much water, more problems can be right around the corner. 

Garliss Roofing works with all our customers to make sure they understand all the available options and what the impact on their business will be. Arrange for a free estimate by calling (252) 297-6434or by filling out our online contact form.

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    Lisa and Jody showed up on time and kept their word! I found them after having two no-show appointments and four non-returned phone calls. I’ll never use another roofing company! Awesome service and great people. Thank you so much!

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    Garliss Roofing replaced a roof for me. The whole process went perfectly. Working with Garliss Roofing has been a pleasure! I highly recommend them!
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    This company was able to get my roof replaced on my entire house with nothing out of pocket and in only 2 days. The replacement roof is beautiful and holding up perfectly. A pleasure to do business with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a new roof or questioning the condition of their roof!
    Suzanne I.

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